Your child’s care should be nothing less than epic.

Epic Pediatric Therapy, a division of Epic Health Services, provides a variety of therapy services that often serve as a critical component in the plan of care for children with injuries, disabilities, or developmental delays. Our licensed, experienced therapists provide specialized services in three areas including speech, occupational, and physical therapy and also offer certain, specialized programs depending on the state.

Our highly trained staff utilize unique techniques to address each child’s individual needs and help them reach their maximum potential. Our services are also a great complement to a child’s therapy at school. Whether therapy needs are short- or long-term, our therapists are committed to improving each child’s quality of life and ability to be independent.

“When Elias first began at Epic, he had difficulty speaking and eating. Through Epic’s therapy and work with him, Elias is now able to eat many new table foods (fruits, rice, and noodles), use single words, short phrases, and more! I’m very pleased with his continued progress in therapy.”

Olga Cisneros (Elias’ Mother)

“My daughter was diagnosed with Autism back in 2011. When she started with Epic, she hardly spoke at all and felt uncomfortable making eye contact with others. On top of that, she had behavioral meltdowns. Jenna’s therapists have helped her go through a life changing process. Now she is a much happier child! When in conversation, she will look you in the eye, and she enjoys telling jokes and playing games.”

Stephanie Harbert (Jenna’s Mother)